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Technology Solutionist: Meet Kara Keenan
Project Specialist, Client Solutions

As a project specialist with Client Solutions, Kara Keenan takes on the day-to-day administration of benefits programs. This frees clients’ HR teams to address the needs of their workforce instead of worrying about the benefits backend.

To function properly, benefits programs require complex information updates and exchanges across multiple networks and databases. Kara and the Client Solutions team are experts in the daily behind-the-scenes work that keeps them running and employees accurately enrolled.

Kara works with client systems at every stage, from setup and implementation to regular testing and maintenance to renewal configurations and issue resolution. She and Client Solutions send communications on and coordinate eligibility for new hires, life events, dependent verification and more.

When issues do emerge, Kara and the team can swiftly identify and fix system or carrier errors. Sometimes, employees first report coverage problems through a call to the employee advocacy team, BenefitsVIP®. Quickly addressing these urgent updates to ensure employees receive proper coverage is one aspect of her role that Kara finds most fulfilling.

Beyond her benefits administration work, Kara enjoys reading (recently thrillers and nonfiction) and has been baking for the past few years. Biggest recent success: tempered chocolate eggs filled with peanut butter mousse.

Kara works with client systems from setup & implementation, to regular testing & maintenance, to renewal configurations & issue resolution.

A perfect day for Kara?

Finding a nice winery/brewery and some good, live music. Enjoying limoncello cake and re-watching The Sopranos or some all-American Football (The Eagles, of course!). Soaking in the sun on the beach in Wildwood with my little cousins.

Kara recollects her fun experiences….

My first niece, Norah Joan, was born in October and she became my best friend the minute I saw her. We have a fun tradition of dinner with my granddad (92) who is still the chef every week for his grand girls!

Kara Keenan

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