Employee Benefits
In-House Services

Our comprehensive suite of in-house services simplifies the benefits process and enables full coordination across all teams.

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Comprehensive Employer Support

Short- and long-term strategic plans help clients take control over benefits program cost drivers, and we negotiate with carriers for cost-efficient, no-surprise renewals.

In-house ERISA & compliance experts avert fines & penalties to your organization (and officers) by thoroughly evaluating benefits programs for any missteps, omissions or liabilities.

Our in-house benefits technology experts offer top platforms, precise implementation, employee enrollment & decision support, federal/state reporting, and more.

Robust Participant Support

We help staff see the link between their lifestyle choices and rising healthcare costs with award-winning, targeted health & wellness and disease management campaigns.

In-house BenefitsVIP® Advocates personally answer your employees’ questions, help them understand their plans, coach them on cost-saving behaviors and resolve their claims issues.

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Our year-round employee education & communication programs help your staff make sense of their benefits and make better healthcare choices.


Let’s find a time for a benefits consultant to answer all your questions on this topic and more.

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