Benefits Administration & Systems

Automating processes with Benefits Administration Systems creates efficiencies, saves time, avoids errors & reduces costs.

Achieve optimal program efficiencies through expert implementation.

Our precise benefits technology system implementation modernizes the user experience and automates time-consuming and error-prone manual processes, abating risk and saving your HR team hundreds of work hours. From tailored platform recommendations to data integration to ongoing maintenance and reporting, our Client Solutions team supports your organization at every step.

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Benefits Enrollment Support

to streamline and automate enrollment and eligibility.

Expert Data Integration

for efficient and accurate sharing between HRIS, carrier, vendor and payroll.

Eligibility Maintenance

ensures the right participants are on the right plans - and ineligible ones aren’t.

Information Reporting

tracks hours, determines eligibility and documents healthcare offerings for benefits compliance.

Personalized Benefits System Recommendations

for any size organization and any level of benefits administration complexity.

It’s like speaking the languages of both employee benefits and technology system experts.

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