Our employee wellness campaigns create enduring cultural changes that support your workforce health objectives and financial goals.

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A healthy business begins and ends with a healthy workforce.

Corporate Synergies’ metrics-driven employee wellness and disease management programs help keep staff productive and reduce the number of costly claims. We coordinate your wellness initiatives, benefits plan and the data across it all. Whether designing an engagement campaign to promote your existing agenda or building a robust program from the ground up, Corporate Synergies is your strategic employee wellness hub.

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Health Risk Assessments & Screenings

identify costly conditions and promote early intervention.

Vendor & Platform Recommendations

vetted by our industry experts identify your perfect partners.

In-house Strategists

develop programs to engage employees and encourage healthy behaviors.

Wellness Communications Campaigns

make employee health and wellbeing a powerful, personal experience.

Data Tracking & Integration

provides unrivaled insights to keep your workforce and bottom line healthier.

It’s like a wellness curator managing each pillar of your organization’s well-being.

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