Employee Benefits Education & Communications

Coordinated communications help improve retention and make participants better benefits consumers.

Year-round employee benefits education increases employee engagement and cost-conscious behavior.

From plan selection to benefit use to voluntary options, effective employee benefits education and communication help employees make the right choices. This reduces employee stress and distraction – and HR burden. Our employee education strategists develop campaigns and messaging that simplify benefits while aligning the program with your business goals.

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Targeted Open Enrollment Education

ensures employees make the right elections.

Topic-specific Communication Campaigns

reinforce your year-round benefits strategy.

Multi-channel Approach

reaches your employees through preferred formats.

Monthly Health Insurance & Wellness Content

from our employee health & wellness blog: HealthDiscovery.org.

Better Benefits Engagement

improves employee loyalty and job satisfaction.

It’s like enrolling your workforce in “Benefits 101” tailored to your organization.

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