Renewals Leaving a Bitter Taste?

It’s Likely That the Missing Ingredient is Your Ongoing Program Data

Benefit programs need continuous attention and nurturing. We take a 360° view by harvesting and analyzing your data to uncover and address issues that can sink performance and escalate costs. Data fuels our plan designs, propels ongoing refinement and helps us prepare for renewal negotiations. As a result, we deliver the best possible cost and program configuration. You win!
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Our Success Recipe: Data + More Data + Gray Matter

The right blend of cost savings and value is only possible when your broker sifts through your existing plan and interprets what the numbers mean. Our Synergies360 approach (data analyzed by experts) is the formula behind cost-effective, value-driven plan designs. The third ingredient is Account Management, who deliver exceptional service while keeping an eye on the numbers that feed annual renewals.

Corporate Synergies' Plan Management Formula: Synergies360

Synergies360℠: It’s How We Roll

If you want benefits that really perform, you need a better how. Synergies360 is our how and data is our secret sauce. We capture data in unique ways and use it to feed our deeper understanding of you and your benefits.

Corporate Synergies Data-Driven Plan Management

A Plan Design That Fits
We base our program recommendations (like Voluntary products or implementing our private exchange) on understanding what you and your employees need. Our “client intimacy” starts with, you guessed it, data.

No-Surprise Renewals by Corporate Synergies

Account Management with a Difference
Renewals require a months-long process of data harvesting and analysis by experts. And here’s something that might shock you: the new rate should never be a surprise.

How Corporate Synergies handles saves you time and money

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Results Revealed

How Corporate Synergies solved challenging renewals for clients…and saved them time and money.
$6 Million Premium Savings with Corporate Synergies

A 7-Figure
Premium Savings

A multi-million-dollar industrial product supplier with 600 plan members faced a 19% rate increase. An analysis of the claims data uncovered factors driving the increase. Corporate Synergies designed a new plan that reduced costly non-compliance, reduced Rx copays for chronic conditions, and waived wellness screening copays as part of a newly launched disease management program.

10% Rate Reduction with Corporate Synergies

Same Plan Design and Carrier, Lower Cost

A non-profit’s broker was unable to address a 24.8% rate increase. The organization was feeling forced to move to another carrier at the last minute, which would cause a disruption to its 200 plan participants. As the employer’s new broker, Corporate Synergies achieved a rate reduction for the same plan with no change in carriers.

$360k Cost Savings with Corporate Synergies

In-force Rate
Takes a Dive

A regional company with 425 plan members faced a 26% rate increase, which would result in an additional $365,000 in medial and Rx expense. The incumbent carrier was willing to reduce the rate by only 3%. Corporate Synergies negotiated with alternative carriers and achieved a combined medical and Rx option for a substantial decrease to in-force rates.

The experience I’ve had over the past 7 years has been awesome. Corporate Synergies is responsive, accessible and great to work with.Law Firm