Millennial Mental Health is a Workplace Concern

Stephanie Eisele

Millennials, Feeling Life’s Pressures, are Reluctant to Get Help

Millennials’ lives are an open book with seemingly everyone feeling entitled to volunteer their opinion or critique, whether invited or not. Pile on the pressure to get a degree and manage the all-too-familiar aftermath of college debt while navigating a career, and life can be overwhelming. No wonder they feel stressed, edgy or downright depressed, yet they must still function in the workforce. Unfortunately, statistics show that young adults hesitate to seek treatment; millennial mental health is taking the shape of a crisis. See our infographic below: Millennials are Feeling Life’s Pressures.

INFOGRAPHIC | Millennials, Feeling Life’s Pressures, are Reluctant to Get Help, our employee-focused healthcare and benefits consumerism blog, offers four resources that Millennials (and workers of any age) can tap into for help.

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