Benefit program options and plan details can be confusing to employees. And making a wrong guess at open enrollment spawns problems that seemingly last a millennia. Our employee education and communication programs help employees make sense of what they’re reading.

Popular Service Offerings

  • Targeted Open Enrollment Education and Communications

    Benefit summaries, posters, postcards, flyers, and PowerPoint presentations.

  • Topic-specific Communication Campaigns

    Tied into your overall benefits strategy, such as health & wellness and voluntary benefits.

  • Employee Health & Wellness Education

    Award-winning monthly lifestyle blog: HealthDiscovery.org

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Health & WellnessWhen your employees are sick, your business might be, too.
HealthDiscovery.orgAward-winning monthly health & wellness lifestyle blog.
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Educated, engaged employees use their benefits more effectively, helping you control rising healthcare costs. We can deliver a robust employee education and communications strategy to bridge the knowledge gap. The key to clear communication is finding the balance between easy-to-understand and targeted, focused messaging. Our in-house benefit communication experts provide the support you need to transform your employees into active and informed benefit consumers.

"I requested a new design for our enrollment materials and it’s a thing of beauty. Your creative team worked tirelessly on this project. Whatever we needed was delivered with poise, speed, perfection, and creativity."
HR Director, Technology Firm