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Walmart’s Concierge Healthcare Concept —What’s the Ripple Effect for Employee Benefits Everywhere? | Corporate Synergies

“Our Take” is Corporate Synergies commentary on employee benefits/insurance topics in the news. This article discusses Walmart’s concierge healthcare.

A New Series

A New Series

Starting next year, select Walmart locations will be testing a new employee benefit: a data-driven concierge healthcare service featuring preferred providers and low-cost telehealth services.1

The selection of preferred providers based on parameters like patient satisfaction, quality of services rendered, ethical billing practices and wait time is designed to streamline provider selection, and ensure that only the best providers are featured. The hope is that this will lead to improved treatment outcomes, as well as reduced spending for both the employee and the retailer.

Take it from us: concierge healthcare is a big perk for Walmart’s employees.

Our own BenefitsVIP® employee advocacy and support center has resulted in considerable savings and reduced stress for employees, as well as their employers. It appears that Walmart’s platform will really shine in its data, transparency and accessibility.

As the nation’s largest private employer, Walmart will have a lot of patient reviews to draw from, creating a strong data set where the best local doctors will be spotlighted. This takes the guesswork out of choosing a new provider for the employee, and could result in fewer follow-ups or corrective procedures.

The transparency could also create a ripple effect far outside of the retail giant, as providers and insurers work to maintain their good standing as preferred partners. As stewards of good health at manageable prices, we welcome anything that can make these decisions easier.

1Employee Benefit News, “Walmart Expands Benefits with Healthcare Pilots”


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