We Hate Waiting in Line Too

Our personal service takes the hassle out of asking for help

Anyone who’s gotten stuck in call center purgatory has encountered an impersonal voice reciting lines from a script. That’s not service. Our BenefitsVIP® advocates do it right. They personally answer employees’ questions, help them understand their plans, coach them on cost-saving behaviors and resolve their claims issues. And our NurseVIP℠ RNs intervene to help sick and injured participants access healthcare. Our philosophy: treat everyone like human beings, not transactions. That’s employee advocacy.
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Here Are Some Numbers We Like

From the BenefitVIP’s advocacy and support center.

Avg Years
Hours Of
% Resolved In
24 Hours
Of Relief
BenefitsVIP Employee Advocacy

Employees shouldn’t have to go it alone with carriers and providers. BenefitsVIP advocates:

  • Help them understand eligibility, provide guidance on benefit elections and proper utilization.
  • Resolve claims issues and investigate unpaid insurance bills.
  • Provide tools and information so that participants can more easily navigate the healthcare system.
  • Use coachable moments to drive cost-saving strategies, impacting both the employee and the employer.
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BenefitsVIP Employee Advocacy Case Study 1
More than Meets the Eye

BenefitsVIP advocates are on the lookout for call and contact trends that point to big issues, like an insurer coding error that impacted 4.4 million carrier customers.
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BenefitsVIP Employee Advocacy Case Study 2

Complex Problem Resolved

When a carrier rejects covering the cost of a prescription medication for a youngster with a complex medical condition, a NurseVIP RN intervenes and quickly resolves the problem.
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BenefitsVIP Employee Advocacy Case Study 3

No More Waiting

A child has to wait 6 months for an appointment with a specialist. NurseVIP steps in and the evaluation and subsequent treatment begin within 3 weeks.
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  • Our BenefitsVIP rep worked on a number of highly sensitive cases for us this year…. I often hear ‘BenefitsVIP is great.’Financial Services Firm
  • Our BenefitsVIP representative is prompt and courteous, answers my questions and keeps me apprised of the process. It’s clear she understands my plan’s billing and reimbursement policies.Legal Services/Law Firm
  • Each of [three] reprocessed claims resulted in a substantial reimbursement, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcomes.Healthcare Provider