Compliance Update with Dan & Dot is a free webinar series tackling the biggest benefits compliance challenges of 2020 and beyond.

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The Presidential Impact on Benefits in 2021
Regardless of who sits in the oval office come January of 2021, each administration term brings new initiatives and policy agendas, including Executive Orders and calls for agency action. Any of these may bring new rules impacting the future of your benefit plans. Experts Dan & Dot will help you make sense of it all.
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2:30 - 4:00 p.m. ET
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Returning to Work: Implications for your Benefits Plans
As many states have relaxed their COVID-19 lockdown orders, and allowed more employees to return to work, different healthcare, workplace safety and wellness vendors have pivoted from their normal offerings by introducing a number of health and safety “solutions” to assist companies eager to return to their pre-COVID-19 normal, including implementing medical testing, temperature checks, self-acknowledgment forms and other workplace initiatives. In this webinar, we will discuss the implications of these return to work health and wellness programs and policies on your benefits plans’ compliance with HIPAA, ERISA and relevant EEOC regulations.
While we [rightly so] spend much of our energy focused on the hard dollar metrics of wellness and disease management, we sometimes lose focus on other side of wellness that can positively impact our employees and company culture: stress management, financial wellness and emotional health. More and more employers are looking at these critical aspects of wellness to help them maintain or improve their employees’ health and productivity in the workplace and increase their company’s profitability.
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Coronavirus COVID-19 Developments for Employers

Our ERISA attorney Dan Kuperstein will advise of recent developments on the coronavirus pandemic and what it means for employers. He will be joined by compliance expert, Dot Summers and Benefits Advisor, John Crable for their insights on the matter.

NOTE: The originally scheduled discussion of compliant strategies for any downsizing, reduction-in-force (RIF) or severance situation, including COBRA, coverage alternatives (ICHRAs, MEC plans) and cost containment will be rescheduled for a later date.

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6 New State Healthcare Reporting Requirements

With Tax Reform’s elimination of the ACA’s Individual Mandate penalty, there are now a total of six states that have implemented their own Individual Mandate laws: California, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Vermont (as of October 2019).

Employers with employees residing in some of those states will need to report, file and/or furnish new reporting forms in 2020.

Learn about these new reporting rules and how to stay in compliance in 2020 and beyond.

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About the Experts

Daniel Kuperstein
Senior Vice President of Compliance
Dan is an attorney with experience in a broad array of sophisticated employee benefits and labor and employment matters, including matters involving ERISA, the Affordable Care Act, COBRA, HIPAA and GINA compliance. His experience includes representation of both public and private companies, as well as health and pension plans.

Dorothy Summers
Senior Compliance Consultant
Dorothy works closely with clients to identify areas of non-compliance involving health and welfare plans, including ERISA health plans, COBRA, HIPAA privacy and security, and the Affordable Care Act and assists in developing a plan to bring the group into compliance.

John Crable
Senior Vice President
John consults with private and public sector employers, non-profit organizations, and associations in the design of cost-effective, value-driven benefit plans. He specializes in reducing cost through plan design study, claim analysis, creative funding and diligent negotiations.

Gary Cassidy
Director of Employee Education, Communications and Wellness
Gary works closely with account management teams to develop communication and wellness strategies that drive positive changes in workforce behavior and help clients control benefit costs. These programs heighten benefits literacy, enabling employees to properly enroll in, understand and use their benefits.