7 Open Enrollment Solutions for Today’s Challenges

Travis Turner and Stephanie Eisele

Open enrollment solutions involve developing and arranging multiple pieces for the best impact | Corporate Synergies

On par with most employee benefits, the open enrollment process has transformed in recent years, causing employers of all sizes and industries to seek open enrollment solutions to common challenges. Often, this means rethinking and revisiting their engagement strategies.

HR and benefits professionals know the importance of open enrollment education and communications, but every year we encounter similar challenges. Even in a good open enrollment year, it’s not uncommon for about a quarter of employees to tune out or miss deadlines. This can create headaches for HR teams and impact benefits for employees.

Whether virtual, in-person or hybrid, the enduring question remains: How do we engage employees and know that they understand the benefits offerings?

Our experts see a pattern and structure to address these challenges. Open enrollment is a project and the better the plan that you have, the more successful the process will be.

Foundations of Open Enrollment

  1. Planning
  2. Budget
  3. Communications channels & frequency
  4. Meeting logistics
  5. Post-Open Enrollment Strategy

Developing from these foundations will help your organization to manage and maneuver around the current environment and capitalize on new opportunities. From conducting effective virtual open enrollment meetings to engaging diverse populations to communicating changing offerings, our experts provide advice for seven common challenges.

Corporate Synergies’ benefits & employee communications experts Travis Turner and Stephanie Eisele dissect challenges facing employers and solutions to maximize employee engagement and make for a more successful open enrollment season whether it’s around the corner or months away.