Corporate Synergies’ 2019 Employer Education Series to Focus on Benefits ROI

Corporate Synergies’ 2019 Employer Education Series Highlights Benefits ROI | Corporate Synergies
Viewing health & welfare benefits as a business investment is a mindset shift. Our 2019 Employer Education Series is designed to help you get more bang for your benefits buck.

Corporate Synergies is set to launch its 2019 Employer Education Series. While there will be continued focus on emerging health & welfare benefits trends and clarification on compliance requirements, the series of articles, webinars and live events will also focus on employee benefits as a business investment. The objective: helping HR professionals navigate the ever-complex health insurance system, and develop better benefits programs with improved outcomes.

Benefits ROI can be defined in numerous ways, including employee engagement and retention, better utilization and improved health outcomes, lower claims, risk mitigation, federal and state compliance—virtually any aspect of a health and welfare benefits program.

“Viewing employee benefits as a business investment instead of just a line item on a corporate budget is a shift in mindset,” said Senior Vice President Brian Feeley, who oversees the firm’s Employer Education services. “Our 2019 Employer Education Series takes into consideration the people, processes and technologies that represent how health and welfare benefits are purchased, designed, implemented, managed and measured,” he added.

The 2019 Employer Education series includes staff-written articles, special use publications, webinars and regional conferences.

Corporate Synergies will provide details and actionable information covering a wide range of topics, such as renewal rate negotiation, plan design, funding types, benefits administration, pharmacy and specialty drugs, federal and state regulatory and tax implications, networks, underwriting, claims reduction, benefits for employee recruitment and retention and more.

The 2019 Employer Education Series will feature weekly articles posted weekly to Corporate Synergies’ award-winning Knowledge Center. Articles are written by the firm’s internal benefits experts, including benefit consultants, underwriters, compliance officers, account management professionals, employee education, communications and wellness experts, and the firm’s executive leadership. Over the past six years, Corporate Synergies’ articles have become a staple of Employee Benefit News and other major industry and business publications.

Corporate Synergies’ special-use publications slated for release in 2019 include:

  • The seventh annual staff-produced Current Insurance Journal magazine, an award-winning collection of staff-written articles
  • Voluntary Benefits for the Multi-Generational Workforce, the first of a series of deep-dive, interactive SmartGuides

The company is also entering its second year as a publisher of the proprietary wellness and benefits literacy blog, which is directed at benefit plan participants.

The 2019 Employer Education Series will offer four compliance webinars hosted by ERISA Attorney Daniel Kuperstein and Senior Compliance Consultant Dorothy Summers, whose strategies helped Corporate Synergies’ clients mitigate more than $30 million in potential fines and penalties in 2018.

Corporate Synergies’ in-house subject matter experts will also offer several live seminars throughout the firm’s regions including Philadelphia, New York, Washington, D.C., and Orlando.

“The goal of our 2019 Employer Education Series is to demonstrate the why and the how of all components of a benefits approach,” Feeley said.

Employers are not required to be Corporate Synergies clients in order to participate in the education series.

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