Year Zero Strategy for Health & Wellness Programs | November 9, 2017

Gary Cassidy

Year Zero Strategy for Health & Wellness Programs | WellnessMINUTE | Gary Cassidy
Employee Education & Communications Director Gary Cassidy explains how taking a step back and implementing a Year Zero strategy for your health & wellness program helps set organizations up for success by removing the month-to-month questions of what to do next, reducing stress and allowing annual reviews of their progress based on established metrics.

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Video Transcript: 
Hi, I’m Gary Cassidy and welcome to another edition of the WellnessMINUTE. Today, we continue our series focusing on solutions designed to help remove barriers to engagement and participation in your wellness program.

If you’ve ever watched a track meet, you’ll hear the referee say, “On your mark… Get set… Go!” How confusing would it be for the runners if the referee said, “On your mark… Go… Get set?” But too many times, wellness programs get launched in that reversed order. As I’ve mentioned before, wellness is business plan.

And as tempting as it is to decide to launch a wellness program and start right away with programs, in the long term you’ll run into the challenges some business face when they don’t take the time to establish how they’ll measure success, what their short- and long-term goals are, and what’s the future trajectory for their fledgling business.

At Corporate Synergies we always recommend our clients take a step back, and add in what we call a Zero Year strategy. Zero Year can be as long as 12 months or as short as 3 months depending on the organization, but the time taken during Zero Year pays huge dividends in the long run to the success of their wellness programs.

Essentially, Zero Year allows you to:

  • Align on a long-term strategy
  • Establish metrics to track year-over-year
  • Get buy-in from your C-Suite
  • Enlist advocates in your organization
  • Train your leadership teams
  • Educate and engage your participants, and
  • Lay the groundwork for the formal launch

These important steps help set organizations up for success by removing the month-to-month questions of what to do next, reducing their stress, and allowing them annual review their progress based on established metrics.

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Gary Cassidy and Corporate Synergies' internal creative team generate professional, branded programs that support clients and engage and educate their employees. These programs engender heightened benefits literacy, enabling employees to properly enroll in, understand and use their benefits. As Director of Employee Education, Communications and Wellness, Gary works closely with account management teams to develop communication and wellness strategies that drive positive changes in workforce behavior and help clients control benefit costs.