Identifying Barriers to Health & Wellness Program Success

Gary Cassidy

Health & Wellness | WellnessMINUTE with Gary Cassidy
In this ongoing WellnessMINUTE series, Employee Education & Communication Director Gary Cassidy explains how to identify all barriers to your wellness program success. Employee participation is only a single part to a multi-dimensional health & wellness campaign. A committed buy-in from your leadership and management is critical to health & wellness program success.

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Video Transcript: 

Welcome to another edition of the Wellness Minute. I’m Gary Cassidy. Today, we continue our series that focuses on driving participation in your organization’s wellness programs. Barriers are all about identifying what’s getting in the way of your wellness strategy being received, understood and acted upon by your participants.

Participation, though, is often seen as one-dimensional: Your participants are either participating or they’re not; The employer provides the program and the employees participate. Right? It’s that simple.

It’s important to recognize that participation isn’t just a one way street; and that it’s not solely impacted only by your employees. True communication centers on a back and forth exchange of ideas between both the employer and the participant.

The leadership within your organization also has the potential to create a barrier to participation. We’ve all heard the phrase leading from the top, which is critical (after all your C-suite is the one who has to approve the funding for your program). But it goes deeper than that.

Leadership should also be expanded to include:

  • Vice Presidents;
  • Directors;
  • Managers; and,
  • Supervisors

Why? Because you need their buy in and support. They have the ability to either promote or minimize wellness to their direct reports.

Buy in is critical…but just as important is what type of buy in are you really getting?

  • Are you just getting an intellectual, high-level, acknowledgement?
  • Or are you getting a true commitment?

The proof comes by seeing their willingness to invest time, money and resources into your organizations’ wellness program.

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