Corporate Synergies Announces 2018 Benefits Thought Leadership Content

Ellen D. Hosafros

Corporate Synergies Announces 2018 Benefits Thought Leadership Content

Understanding factors that impact your premium dollar are part of the benefits thought leadership content employers will see in 2018.

What exactly will impact the next year’s benefits premium dollar? Inquiring employers want to know about this and other benefits thought leadership content for 2018.

Corporate Synergies’ award-winning Knowledge Center is set to launch a series of new blog articles, videos, infographics and webinars. The focus for 2018: specific factors that contribute to rising healthcare costs and emerging strategies that are helping to reverse that trend.

This information will provide details and actionable material covering a wide range of topics, including medical loss ratio, plan design, margins, funding types, benefits operating costs, pharmacy and specialty drugs, regulatory and tax implications, networks, claims and much more. Corporate Synergies will also cover many of these topics in five accredited regional benefits forums held in Philadelphia, New York and Washington, D.C. and quarterly webinars in 2018.

“We’re exposing the inner workings of employee benefit programs,” said Brian Feeley, Senior Vice President, who will also serve as an author of thought leadership content.

“The goal is to educate employers on the nuts and bolts of the components that impact their insurance premium dollars, and help them develop sound strategies to control their annual and long-term healthcare costs,” Feeley said.

Corporate Synergies will also launch a consumer-facing healthcare and benefits blog written by internal authors and guest contributors and designed by their award-winning graphic artists.

Look for the 2018 benefits thought leadership content to hit the company’s Knowledge Center at as well as social media beginning in January.


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