Don’t Settle for ‘Diet Benefits’

A Private Exchange Shouldn’t Be An Imitation of the Real Thing

When you’re out there kicking the tires on private insurance exchanges, remember this: you don’t have to settle for less. A private exchange should come with the standard equipment (compliance consulting, employee advocacy, participant communications, etc.) of a standard group benefits model. That’s what you’ll get from SynergiesSELECT℠, plus more predictable healthcare costs, decision-support tools, and great plan options for your employees.

Private Exchange Highlights

Decision Support.

SynergiesSELECT private insurance exchange aids plan participants in choosing the uniquely appropriate benefit option for their needs.

Suite of Services.

As a full-service insurance exchange, SynergiesSELECT offers other comprehensive consulting services in addition to plan decision support and enrollment, including:

  • Benefits Administration Support
  • Employee Education & Communications
  • One-on-One Employee Advocacy
  • Plan Design & Consulting
  • Regulatory Compliance

Single Source.

SynergiesSELECT is managed by Corporate Synergies’ benefits & plan design experts and serves as employers’ single point of contact.

Cost Cooperation.

SynergiesSELECT better predicts and controls employers health and welfare benefit costs while participants make better plan choices.

SynergiesSELECT Private Exchange Preview 1

SynergiesSELECT Private Exchange Preview 2

SynergiesSELECT Private Exchange Preview 3