Mired Under Information Reporting?

If You’re Up to Your Neck in Data, We Can Help

Manually collecting and reporting employee data is a lot like slogging through quicksand—there’s no fast way to do it. Our Gatekeeper* Information Reporting Tool automatically tracks, determines and documents employee eligibility status data from systems you’re already using. It takes only a few clicks to submit the information to the IRS. And we’re right here to support you.

Employee Benefits Compliance Information Reporting Tool SPECIFICATIONS

*Gatekeeper is a branded product of Hodges-Mace.

Information Reporting Tool Highlights


Gatekeeper records employee work history, dates of hire and termination, and the date the information was received for accurate recordkeeping in case of audit.


Gatekeeper is Software as a Service, includes integrated employee communications, and provides automated compliance reporting.


Gatekeeper accepts data from current payroll, time and attendance, and HRIS systems and sends eligibility data to existing benefit administration and enrollment platforms.

What Does the IRS Want From You?
It Depends on Your Size

  • Section 6055 – All-sized employers must report on employees and dependents covered under the health plan. Required information includes the months that coverage was provided for each person.
  • Section 6056 – Employers with 50 or more full-time employees and full-time equivalents (FTEs) must report the number of full-time or FTE employees, months during the year that minimum essential coverage was offered to them, and whether the employer coverage offered provided minimum essential coverage, minimum value and met the 9.5% affordability test, etc.

Gatekeeper delivers 6055 and 6056 reports in a few clicks!

With Our Expert Support, You’re Never Alone

Our implementation teams install Gatekeeper and ensure its functionality before you ever use it. The technology is backed by our in-house ERISA attorney and compliance team.

A Look Inside Gatekeeper’s Features and Functions

An up-close view of Gatekeeper’s functionality:
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