Want to Engage Millennial Workers? Try Technology

John Milne

Corporate Synergies Presents BeneMINUTE Millennials Series
Every HR department should consider using benefits administration technology to assist younger workers during open enrollment. That’s the advice of Employee Benefits Consultant and Millennial John Milne. He says when it comes to learning about benefits, 20-Somethings respond more readily to webinars, on-demand video meetings and email communication.

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Video Transcript: 
Hand a new-hire packet with a benefits enrollment form to complete by hand and a Millennial will probably look puzzled. Having grown up with cell phones, computers and social media as our norm, Millennials expect our employers to provide a tech-savvy method of enrolling in benefits.

I’m John Milne, a member of the Millennial generation and a Benefits Consultant for Corporate Synergies. Here’s why I think every HR department today should consider using benefits administration technology for enrollment.

First, ben admin technology reduces administrative burdens on HR. That’s because every process is automated. I can’t remember a time when I used a sticky note to remind myself to do something, but you see this happening a lot in HR departments that manage their benefits manually.

Keeping track of important deadlines with sticky notes and even spreadsheets puts a strain on HR. Benefits administration technology sends HR professionals automatic reminders so they never miss important deadlines like sending COBRA or HIPAA notices to employees.

Speaking of deadlines, benefits administration technology makes them easier to meet by “pinging” employees on key dates using email, text messaging and social media. Millennials tend to be less interested in face-to-face meetings at open-enrollment time. But from my perspective, they are receptive to webinars, on-demand video meetings and email communication.

Next, benefits can be very confusing, especially at open enrollment. Benefits administration technology has a portal with educational materials and decision support tools to help people make good choices. Millennials are prone to enroll in high deductible plans to save money on premiums. Technology can help these millennials utilize these types of plans.

One of these platforms is through a service called telemedicine, which is essentially virtual doctors’ appointments that are available from home anytime of the day. A virtual visit is often cheaper and faster for these millennials.

We like getting medical information without leaving the house, 24 hours a day. Millennials also get a lot of their news and information from social medial sites. Starting company-based groups and web pages is a great way to push HR, benefits and other corporate information which also integrates with HRIS and ben admin technology.

Speed also matters when Millennials are looking for medical plan information, like where is the nearest in-network physician or Urgent Care facility? Millennials prefer using a mobile app or web-based services to get this information. This is a great place to store all network and plan information where you can even access digital ID cards for convenience.

By nature, Millennials want immediate results and technology is the solution to streamline the process.

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As Benefits Consultant for Corporate Synergies, John Milne identifies the client’s goals and objectives and brings the appropriate people and resources into the discussion. He specializes in reducing health and welfare plan costs through in-depth research, strategic plan design, claims data analysis and diligent negotiations.