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Employers Have Options Related to Abortion Benefits

Dan Kuperstein and Pamela Smith

The right benefits partner can help employers assemble the abortion benefit program pieces | Corporate Synergies

In addition to abortion benefit options, employers need to carefully consider how reimbursement programs are designed. The recent U.S. Supreme Court Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health decision still leaves a lot of legal and regulatory abortion access questions unanswered. In … Read More

Demographic Studies and Real-Time Benchmarking Data Enable Strategic Planning

Pamela Smith

Demographic Studies and real-time benchmarking offers essential insights that guide your strategic decisions | Corporate Synergies

Analyzing real-time benchmarking data and demographic studies is the first step to setting meaningful and attainable strategic goals. It’s indisputable: The pandemic and the subsequent “Great Resignation” have made benefits more valuable in the marketplace, leaving organizational leaders wondering how … Read More

Using Data to Craft a Competitive Recruitment and Retention Plan

Pamela Smith

Keep attracting employees and candidates with a data-backed, competitive recruitment and retention plan. | Corporate Synergies

By looking at industry trends, benchmark data and demographic surveys, your consultant can help you craft a competitive recruitment and retention plan. While many workers are quitting their jobs, most are actually switching jobs. Employers in all sectors are working … Read More

Marketing Your Benefits: How to Create Competitive Messaging

Pamela Smith

Effectively marketing your benefits helps employees listen and understand how to utilize them | Corporate Synergies

Having the best benefits package does little good if job candidates—or current employees—don’t understand its value and how to use it. In a hyper-competitive hiring environment, we know candidates are evaluating all aspects of a potential new employer, especially benefits. … Read More

Long-Term Benefits Plans Safeguard Companies from Turbulent Times

Harrison Newman and Pamela Smith

A strong long-term benefits plan can help your organization weather the storm | Corporate Synergies

The value of a long-term benefits plan isn’t just the plan itself but what it reveals about an organization’s goals, priorities and resources. As Warren Buffet said, “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a … Read More

Vaccine Incentives and Other Fall 2021 Compliance Impacts

Pamela Smith and Dan Kuperstein

We’re monitoring fall 2021 compliance impacts to keep employers’ minds on their business | Corporate Synergies

Expect fall 2021 compliance impacts in the areas of benefits strategy, workplace policy, and vaccine incentives. Recent pandemic-related developments, including those before the Biden Administration’s announcement of a federal vaccination mandate for private sector employers, have had (and will continue … Read More