Don’t Twist in the Wind

Inadequate Coverages and Tepid Guidance are Disasters Just Waiting to Happen

With the way things are in the world these days, you already know that a loss event can have staggering consequences…business interruption, government fines, lost revenue, reputation erosion, diminished customer confidence. Maybe you want to know if your P&C strategy really is secure, or if it will leave you twisting in the wind. You should never have to wonder.
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State Unemployment Tax
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A Primer for
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The Reimbursable
Employer Solution


Exposed to the Elements

An umbrella that collapses when the wind blows isn’t much use to anyone. Nor is a property & casualty program that is missing significant components. Beyond insurance coverages, a P&C program is incomplete without continuous scrutiny by dedicated experts, a customized stewardship plan that protects the near- and long term, and dedicated advocacy if a loss does occur.

Property Insurance | Corporate Synergies


Every property owner faces the risk of financial loss. Are you prepared for damage to your building, theft of your property, or even a disruption in your supply chain?

  • Real and Personal Property
  • Business Interruption
  • Supply Chain Logistics
Liability Insurance | Corporate Synergies


Operating a business exposes you to potential financial liability. Do you have a comprehensive risk management program that focuses on both your operational and contractual exposures?

  • Business Auto
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Cyber Security
  • Employers’ Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation
Specialty Business Insurance | Corporate Synergies


We live in an increasingly complex world. There are exposures to loss beyond those covered in your
standard liability policies.

  • Directors & Officers
  • Professional Liability / Errors & Omissions
  • Employment Practices Liability

Beyond the Policy
Why Industry Expertise Matters

Serving the Real Estate Industry with P&C Insurance | Corporate Synergies

Commercial Real Estate

Covering Your Property, People and Processes
Fires and natural disasters are the obvious threats, but property owners and managers face several other exposures, including environmental impairment liability, reputational damage, injuries to the public and tenants, criminal activity and more. Our experts construct a risk management program from the ground-up to weather the storms.

Commercial Real Estate Resource Center

Serving the Life Sciences Industry with P&C Insurance | Corporate Synergies

Life Sciences

Diagnosing and Treating Threats
Whether it’s an IPO or longstanding organization, every Life Sciences organization requires a formula that addresses worker risks, the physical health of patients, data security, product safety and even corporate espionage. Our enterprise risk management strategies have been tested and proven time and again by our seasoned industry professionals.

Life Sciences Resource Center

Serving the Education Industry with P&C Insurance | Corporate Synergies


The Knowledge that You’re Protected
Your institution educates tomorrow’s leaders, but you must also manage multiple risk exposures today. Lessons learned include employment practices and professional liability; abuse and molestation; cyber insecurity, and more. We educate day cares, elementary/secondary schools and universities on their vulnerabilities and develop a plan of actionable controls.

Education Resource Center

Serving the Manufacturing Industry with P&C Insurance | Corporate Synergies


Forecasting the Risks and Assembling the Solutions
Whether it’s injured employees, government regulations or supply chain disruptions, manufacturers face an array of exposures. Our industry expertise ranges from stay-at-work/return-to-work solutions to business interruption expertise and everything in between, making us well-positioned to manage the multi-faceted demands of this dynamic industry.

Manufacturing Resource Center

Serving the Global/International Industry with P&C Insurance | Corporate Synergies


Expertise that Knows No Borders
As your organization grows beyond international borders, so do your risk exposures. Differences in laws, languages, cultures and political environments create the need for locally admitted coverage. Corporate Synergies tailors a Global Master Program that protects your organization, assets and people…wherever your business takes you.

Global/International Resource Center

Serving the Non-Profit Industry with P&C Insurance | Corporate Synergies


Protecting Your Organization and Your Mission
Your mission is job No. 1. But employment practices, injuries to volunteers or clients, property damage, fraud and regulations can detour your drive to make the world a better place. We provide a safety zone of resources backed by personal advocacy that keeps you on your path.

Non-Profit Resource Center

Serving the Hospitality Industry with P&C Insurance | Corporate Synergies


A Full Complement of Protection
Your priority—delighting the customer. Our priority—protecting you from exposures, like slip-and-fall incidents, food-borne illnesses, credit card breaches, etc. Our experts guide you through the maze of coverages and risk management strategies while you stay focused on what you do best.

Hospitality Resource Center

Serving the Contracting Industry with P&C Insurance | Corporate Synergies

Specialty Contracting

Building Your Security
Specialty Contractors bring a unique set of skills to the job, yet all have something in common: liability exposure. Vulnerabilities include contracts, OSHA, safety, public liability and builders’ risk, to name a few. We draw on our in-house expertise and industry know-how to build a program that minimizes exposures.

Specialty Contractors Resource Center

Serving the Legal Industry with P&C Insurance | Corporate Synergies


A Portfolio of Customized Strategies
Technology enables Law Firms to de-centralize operations and leverage remote workers, but it also exposes lawyers’ professional liability issues, such as business interruption, loss of billing hours, reputation erosion and the proliferation of cyber liability. We partner with firms to design a customized approach that protects all stakeholders.

Legal Resource Center

Serving the Technology Industry with P&C Insurance | Corporate Synergies


Computing and Securing Your Unique Exposures
Data breaches and other web-based attacks are about as ubiquitous in today’s wired world as servers, computers and cell phones. Yet mandatory post-breach notification requirements and other measures can trigger financial consequences severe enough to sink a business. Our P&C consultants add a layer of security.

Technology Resource Center