Our Take: 2020’s Biggest Contribution to Work? A Positive Corporate Culture

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A Positive Corporate Culture Will Have Meaning to all Workers

“Our Take” is Corporate Synergies’ commentary on benefits/insurance news topics. This article discusses how a crisis can seed a positive corporate culture.

A Continuing Series

A Continuing Series

There’s no shortage of clichés and overused adjectives to describe the ways 2020 is like no other year in recent history. Unprecedented, uncertain and unimaginable immediately come to mind, but they’re just a few. How do we create a positive corporate culture in the midst of triple crises?

From the COVID-19 outbreak to economic collapse and a burgeoning national conversation on racial bias, each member of our four-generation workforce has been impacted by the reverberations of these historic moments.

In times like these, it’s best to remember that we’re all human. For leaders, that might mean a show of vulnerability, acknowledgment of shortcomings or resolve to do more. As Merilee A. Kern writes for Fast Company, “When it’s genuine, showing vulnerability can foster a magnificent mélange of respect, admiration, empathy and loyalty,” the top ingredients for a positive company culture.1

2020 is exposing the need to build a positive corporate culture that works for all.

To their benefit, employers have been scrambling to help increasingly stressed-out workers, as well as responding to the legitimate concerns of a public looking for diversity in leadership. But, there’s always room to do more, and allowing space for vulnerability and open conversation will build a culture that can withstand challenging times.

Our recommendation to clients has always been to create the best employee experience possible, because it will lead to a strong corporate culture, and that positivity will radiate to the customer or end-user. Employee education and communication plans, fair compensation packages and dynamic leadership are great ways to reach that goal.

1Fast Company, “Why Vulnerability Will Be a Key Trait For Leaders Post-COVID-19”

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