Hidden Cost Drivers Revealed

You Don’t Need a Psychic to See What’s Haunting Your Benefits Plan

Medical/Rx Plan Intelligence (MRPI) claims analysis tool identifies hidden cost drivers lurking beneath the surface of health and welfare benefits. Our experts use the software to model the impact of plan variables to help you understand exactly how design changes, member demographics, claims experience and utilization impact premium rates. MRPI takes the BOO! out of design changes and renewal rate projections.

Claims Analysis Tool Highlights

Claims Analysis.

MRPI Claims Analyzer drills into underlying data to help employers understand impact of variables for plan strategy and design.


MRPI takes raw data feeds from current carriers and formulates scenarios, premium equivalent rates, IBNR, lag reporting, high-claim dollar detail by category and delivers a risk assessment in a comprehensive reporting package.


MRPI focuses on dimensions such as providers, places of service, conditions, chronic diseases, behaviors, network utilization and more.


MRPI applies custom filters and controls in real time to uncover hidden problems and potential time- or money-saving opportunities.

Predictive Modeling.

MRPI applies the impact of plan design changes, including deductibles, co-insurance, OOP maximums, co-payments, utilization, fixed costs, network penetration and costs, and medical inflation; participant demographics; and claims experience as major performance influencers.

Comprehensive Services.

In addition to program analysis and design, Corporate Synergies provides other consulting services, including:

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MRPI Claims Analysis Preview 2

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