Wellness Programs Resonate with Health-Conscious Millennials

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Corporate Synergies Presents BeneMINUTE Millennials Series
Millennials are known for skipping doctor visits in order to reduce healthcare costs. Yet, 20-Somethings aren’t invincible; they get sick and hurt, too. Employee Benefits Consultants Loretta Metzger and John Milne describe how to harness corporate health & wellness programs and other strategies to educate and engage Millennials about physical and fiscal health.

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Video Transcript

John Milne:
Millennials tend to be more health conscious seeking out health-focused stores and restaurants, and alternative medicine. And though they may not fully understand their medical plans, they often have an expectation that their employer have a culture of wellness and good health. In fact, this may be a factor in joining or staying with their employer.

Millennials want variety and appreciate company-sponsored activities that are convenient to attend and not overly complicated. They also enjoy competition – consider company-wide challenges with departments, regions or divisions as teams. Offering prizes and incentives can add excitement to the program.

Also think about utilizing wellness technology for challenges and include personalization to enhance your company programs.

Loretta Metzger:
Don’t limit your wellness initiatives to physical health – introduce creative resources for financial wellness. Millennials are thirsty for knowledge. Leverage resources available through your Employee Assistance Program and direct employees to educational websites and mobile apps.

Direct millennials to resources for modern fitness alternatives to those “boring” treadmill workouts. Suggest crossfit gyms, color-runs and other such events. Consider sponsoring an event with a charitable cause and you’ll get bonus points for corporate social responsibility – but that’s a topic for another day!

We’re seeing growing trends in activities such as hot yoga, spinning, and color runs. Companies are sponsoring these types of events to get their employees involved and excited about wellness. Some are even supplying employees with things like stability balls or treadmill desks which promote good health and may also have a positive impact on productivity.

Millennials have a new look on nutrition such as going gluten-free, Paleo diet, and other diets. Employers are catering to these trends in vending machines and company sponsored events.

Finally, wrap all your Wellness program initiatives into an overall strategy and promote it, promote it, promote it!

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