Marketing your Health & Wellness Plan | March 10, 2016

Gary Cassidy

Health & Wellness on WellnessMINUTE
Health & wellness expert Gary Cassidy explains the importance of marketing your wellness program to your participants and how this can positively impact their perception and participation.

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Video Transcript: 

Welcome to another edition of the Wellness Minute. I’m Gary Cassidy. Today, we continue our 10 part series “Wellness as a Business Plan.” Part 7 address the importance of marketing your health & wellness program to your participants and how this can positively impact their perception and participation.

When we’re talking about a corporate wellness and disease management program, unfortunately, the phrase “Good health is it’s own reward” does not necessarily hold true. When compared to everything employees are already dealing with about their jobs, their personal lives, children, tuition, mortgages, and many other things, sometimes their health & wellness takes a back seat.

This is why is important to do more than just roll out a wellness program…you need to market your wellness program to you employees. Just like when Pepsi rolls out a new product, their marketing strategy includes multiple channels and also clearly identifies: What it is, why it’s important, why you need to consume this product, and how it will improve your life or image.

Another way to say this is that is clearly identifies the WIIFM…or what’s in it for me. The following are some best practices you can follow when marketing your health & wellness program to your population:

First, have two rollouts. The first goes to your leadership and the second goes to your participants? Why? Because anyone in your organization who is in a supervisory capacity needs to understand, buy in and support your company’s wellness goals and objectives. They engage with your employee’s on a daily basis, and can have an impact on your employee’s perception of the wellness program.

Next, make it easy, simple and clear. Remember, your employees have a lot going on, so you are in competition for their attention. By simplifying the process and providing easy, clear steps for them to follow, you’ll significantly help remove barriers to participation.

And lastly, remember your goals and objectives.

Your health & wellness program will not be successful if your employees don’t participate. Your ultimate goal is to get 100% participation so you can get the metrics you need to understand the health risks in your population and make informed changes. Good health may not be it’s own reward, but healthy employees can help positively impact your bottom line.

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