Corporate Synergies’ HIPAA & HSA Articles Hit the Employee Benefit News 2017 Top 10 List

Corporate Synergies and Harrison Newman

Healthcare legislation proposed by the GOP and existing law placed HSAs and HIPAA center stage in 2017.

The surge in HIPAA audits this year and the GOP’s emphasis on health savings accounts (HSAs) in proposed Trumpcare bills prompted two Corporate Synergies authors to take to their keyboards. Benefits Consultant Loretta Metzger and Harrison Newman, who are frequent contributors to Employee Benefit News, presented their take on these important topics in 2017. EBN ranked their articles among the 10 most popular among their readers this year.

“To date, employees have largely viewed HSAs as a short-term savings solution — similar to a medical flexible spending account — that offsets medical expenses until they reach their deductible. Importantly, there are a number of differences between FSAs and HSAs, and employers should be sure to help employees understand those differences,” Metzger wrote in What Employers Need to Tell Employees About HSAs, which appeared in EBN on March 10, 2017.

In his article published a week later in EBN, Why HR Managers Should Review Their HIPAA Procedures, Newman stressed the importance that employers cover all of the law’s compliance requirements…or face stiff penalties and fines. “The increase in the number of audits, as well as changes in how employees might communicate about PHI or store information, makes it more important than ever to ensure you and your team have covered all the bases should your company be hit with a HIPAA audit,” he wrote.

For the past several years, Metzger has authored numerous articles for EBN and Corporate Synergies’ award-winning Knowledge Center. Her topics include the emerging working class called Generation Z, spousal coverages, millennial mental health, utilizing high deductible health plans, among others. Metzger, an expert in strategic plan design and benefits cost control, is among Corporate Synergies’ most prolific bloggers.

Newman, an expert in claims data analysis, program cost control and benefits plan design, works in Corporate Synergies’ New York City office. He has written articles for EBN, Technically Brooklyn, and Corporate Synergies’ Knowledge Center on the topics of Section 125 cafeteria plans, health reimbursement accounts and PEO arrangements.  He is an active member of SHRM in New York.


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