An Uncomplicated Corporate Wellness Program?

Technology Plus Our Expert Guidance Keep it Simple

Borrowing from the philosophy known as Occam’s Razor, the simplest answer is usually the correct answer. So it goes with employee health & wellness programs. Businesses need a straight-forward, ACA-compliant, affordable way to guide their workforce toward measurable improved health. Our simple answer: the EPIC lifestyle management tool coupled with our expert wellness consultation.

Lifestyle Management Tool Highlights

Flexible: EPIC Lifestyles Solutions offer more than 40 customizable fitness challenges.

Engaging: EPIC Lifestyle Solutions encourages online social interaction among participants.

Measureable: EPIC Lifestyle Solutions provides real-time, on-demand reporting via manual and digital inputs, such as pedometers, Fitbits and smartphones.

Affordable: EPIC Lifestyle Solutions offers a low per-participant fee for unlimited challenges throughout the year.

Expert Guidance: EPIC Lifestyle Solutions is only half of what we deliver. Our on-staff Wellness Director will provide insights into how to leverage EPIC to address your organization’s specific challenges.

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Corporate Synergies built its current Office2Office Health Challenge with EPIC Lifestyle Solutions. Check out our wellness campaign.

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For a minimal per- participant, per-year cost (plus onboarding, training and support fees), you’ll have unlimited access to 40+ lifestyle enrichment challenges.
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