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  Alert  District Courts Block New Rules on ACA Birth Control Mandate Exemptions

01/16/2019 — These injunctions affect employers with religious and moral objections to the ACA’s contraception coverage mandate. To obtain a waiver, employers can go back to using the “accommodation” process.

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Healthcare Reform Alerts

  • 11.15.2018

    Agencies Issue Final Regulation on ACA Contraceptive Coverage Mandate
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  • 10.08.2018

    IRS Releases Final Forms and Instructions for 2018 Affordable Care Act Information Reporting
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  • 09.24.2018

    IRS Releases 2018 ACA Information Reporting Draft Forms and Instructions; IRS Also Begins Issuing Letter 5699 to Determine Reporting Compliance
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  • 06.20.2018

    DOL Releases Final Regulations on Association Health Plans; Easing ACA Obligations for Small Employers
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  • 06.07.2018

    Reminder: Sixth year of PCOR Fees are Due July 31, 2018
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  • 06.04.2018

    New Jersey Signs “Individual Mandate” Bill into Law; Other States Likely to Follow Suit
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  • 01.23.2018

    Budget Deal Delays Cadillac Tax Until 2022
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  • 01.08.2018

    DOL’s New Rules for Association Health Plans AllowSmall Employers to Avoid Costly ACA Obligations
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