PRESS RELEASE: Media Publishes Corporate Synergies’ Tool Detailing U.S. Presidential Candidates’ Positions on Healthcare

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U.S. Presidential Candidates’ Positions on Healthcare | Dan Kuperstein | Corporate Synergies


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Mount Laurel, New Jersey, August 4, 2016 – As the presidential election draw closer, Corporate Synergies has published an interactive tool to help employers and employees better understand the candidates’ positions on healthcare and health insurance issues.

Corporate Synergies, a national insurance and employee benefits brokerage and consultancy, is committed to thought leadership in order to create a deeper understanding of the complex insurance landscape.

“We’re pleased that this interactive tool has been embraced by the media and political reporters,” said Brian Feeley, Sr. Vice President, Marketing, for Corporate Synergies. “This is certainly a political campaign with a lot of distractions and noise, and we think it’s important to provide opportunities to dig into issues as critical as health insurance.”

Employee Benefit News has utilized the information gathered by Corporate Synergies in a slide show.

The comparison tool and the slide show detail distinctions and similarities between the positions on health insurance-related issues of Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

The side-by-side comparison offers the candidates’ views on specific issues such as the so-called Cadillac Tax, selling insurance across state lines, prescription drug coverage and a single-payer solution.

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