Rattled by Day-to-Day Transactions?

Manual Administration is Like Wrestling a Rattler (and the snake always wins)

With thousands of transactions to keep track of (not to mention COBRA and HIPAA violations that can get you in deep trouble with the government) it’s no wonder that benefit administrators feel snake-bit. Ditto the employees who try to enroll, don’t understand their plans and rush to those same harried administrators for help. Benefits Administration technology can take care of these issues and more.
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Enrollment Tool Highlights


Automate and streamline the enrollment and eligibility process, offloading administrative tasks.


Connect HR to employees & dependents 24/7 and contains email notifications of change requests/pending benefits.


Enable insurance consumerism via self-service enrollment, eligibility tracking and data tracking user tools.


Support all health and welfare benefit types, such as medical, Rx, ancillary, etc.


Corporate Synergies’ Client Engagement Managers ID requirements, configure the platform and assist with all ongoing maintenance and reporting.


Present plan details through an employer-branded, secure website.


Interactive storyboards, avatars and customized videos are utilized to guide participants.

Personal Guidance.

Participants have direct access to their dedicated BenefitsVIP® advocacy team for additional support.


A rules-based enrollment wizard eliminates duplicated, missing or incomplete data.


Status reports, tracking enrollment process, Evidence of Insurability (EOI) forms, data exports for vendor transmissions and file uploads for data imports.

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