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2022 The Current
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Demographic Studies and Real-Time Benchmarking Data Enable Strategic Planning

Pamela Smith

Demographic Studies and real-time benchmarking offers essential insights that guide your strategic decisions | Corporate Synergies

Analyzing real-time benchmarking data and demographic studies is the first step to setting meaningful and attainable strategic goals. It’s indisputable: The pandemic and the subsequent “Great Resignation” have made benefits more valuable in the marketplace, leaving organizational leaders wondering how … Read More

Using Data to Craft a Competitive Recruitment and Retention Plan

Pamela Smith

Keep attracting employees and candidates with a data-backed, competitive recruitment and retention plan. | Corporate Synergies

By looking at industry trends, benchmark data and demographic surveys, your consultant can help you craft a competitive recruitment and retention plan. While many workers are quitting their jobs, most are actually switching jobs. Employers in all sectors are working … Read More

Marketing Your Benefits: How to Create Competitive Messaging

Pamela Smith

Effectively marketing your benefits helps employees listen and understand how to utilize them | Corporate Synergies

Having the best benefits package does little good if job candidates—or current employees—don’t understand its value and how to use it. In a hyper-competitive hiring environment, we know candidates are evaluating all aspects of a potential new employer, especially benefits. … Read More